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We are an Organization of


Mentoring Young Men and Providing

Moms with a Support Network




Our Services Include, but in no means are limited to:

  1. Rides to athletic events, youth activities & practices

  2. DoDads community events

  3. Yard cleaning & trips to refuse stations

  4. House painting

  5. Moving services

Providing Community Outreach to Families In Need

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  1. Help organizing sporting events for families

  2. Help with general home maintenance

  3. Academic Scholarships

  4. Fundraising Events

  5. And much more...

Welcome to DoDads, Inc.'s official website. This site has many purposes. The first is to explain exactly what our mission is to anyone who visits. As stated above it is "An organization of fathers mentoring young men and providing moms with at support network". Pretty accurate for a mission statement but one that encompasses so much more. DoDads intends to not only organize events and services for boys and young men without father figures in their lives, we also plan to supply financial support as well. Non-profit status with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the IRS is pending and once completed we will then begin to distribute funds for youth activities and will also establish an academic scholarship fund.

The other very important function of this site is for it to be a destination for anyone in need of our services to contact us. If you or someone you know needs DoDads please go to the contact page and send us your information.

This is a very exciting time for all of the core members of DoDads, we are looking forward to helping as many young people and their families as we can. We appreciate all of your support.